Greases are lubricants that are typically used in areas where frequent lubrication would be difficult and where oils would run off the surfaces that need to be lubricated. When greases are initially placed on a surface, they are in a semi-solid state. As they heat up, however, they become more viscous, providing lubrication for the parts.

Our range of greases have been sourced from leading brands such as Ambersil, CRC, Electrolube, MG Chemicals, Rocol, SKF, RS PRO and many more.

Popular Greases

  • Lubricating
  • Silicone
  • Synthetic
  • Copper
  • Lithium

Why would you need Greases?

There are many types of greases from silicone, high temperature, and Lithium to name a few. Greases provide protection and longevity. They offer lubrication and protection and repelling fluids such as water, and some can be used as a seal for various equipment such as cable connectors and battery terminals. Greases keep machinery working at their optimal temperature.


Greases are typically found in applications such as moisture seal for aircraft, automotive, and marine ignition systems. Lubricating bearings, chains, and various mechanical equipment associated with mechanical engineering, machinery, and food processing.

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Description Price Package Type Trade Name Grease Type Package Size Product Form Minimum Operating Temperature Food Processing Safe Maximum Operating Temperature NGLI Grade Colour Viscosity
RS Stock No. 482-3431
Mfr. Part No.SCO35SL
Syringe SCO Silicone 35 ml Grease -50°C No +220°C - Colourless -
RS Stock No. 175-5880
Mfr. Part No.SPG35SL
Syringe SPG Synthetic 35 ml Grease -40°C No +125°C - Brown 46 (40°C) cSt, 7.8 (100°C) cSt
RS Stock No. 188-9703
Mfr. Part No.OT20N
Tube Klubertemp GR OT 20 N - 100 g Paste -50°C - +70°C 2 White 17mm²/s
RS Stock No. 118-0573
Mfr. Part No.ASP02S
Syringe ASP Copper 2 ml Paste -40°C No +700°C - Copper -
RS Stock No. 118-0567
Mfr. Part No.MPG50T
Tube MPG Hydrocarbon 50 ml Grease -20°C No +200°C - Beige 463cSt