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    Magnets & Magnetic Strips

    Magnets and self-adhesive magnetic strips/magnetic tape are useful for a wide number of different applications, and our range should cover all of your requirements. From reels of magnetic tape to neodymium magnets, we have products from 3m, Eclipse, Yale and Mecalectro, in stock and delivered to you when you need them.

    What different types of magnets are there?

    There are three different types of magnets:

    • Temporary: this type of magnet works when it’s in a magnetic field, but will lose its magnetism when removed from that field. Temporary magnets include paperclips and nails.
    • Permanent: a permanent magnet which will stay magnetised even when the magnetic field is removed; they will be made from either iron, nickel or cobalt.
    • Electromagnet: a metal core is surrounded by a coil of wire and a current is passed through the wire to create a magnetic field. The strength of the magnet can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the voltage of the electrical current.

    Magnetic strips

    Also known as magnetic tape, this type of magnet is extremely versatile due to its flexible nature. Some of this tape is available with self-adhesive backing and is perfect for use on vertical surfaces; it can also be cut to the required length of strip using scissors or a sharp knife.

    What are magnets made from?

    Magnets are made from ferromagnetic metals; these can include iron and nickel.