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    Earth & Lightning Protection

    Earth and lightning protection devices are essential for providing a safe connection to earth, in the event of a lightning strike, over voltage or malfunction. Utilising earth and lightning protection equipment ensures that electrical devices can operate safely in a range of environments. At RS you will find a wide range of high quality products to suit your earth and lightning protection requirements.

    What Earth and Lightning Protection Device Do You Need?

    With such a wide range of earth and protection devices available, it can often be tricky to find the right one for your needs. The safety of personnel in the event of lightning or malfunction is essential in industrial environments. Therefore selecting the right earth and lightning protection products for your lightning protection system is vital. The most common types of earth and protection products available include:

    Earth Cable Clamps

    Earth Clips

    Earth Inspection Pits

    Earth Rods

    Earth Bars

    Earthing Straps

    Where is Earth and Lightning Protection used?

    Earth and lightning protection systems are utilised in a variety of industries that rely on electrical machinery and equipment. Protecting both equipment and personnel is paramount in the event of a lightning strike. Common areas that utilise earth and lightning protection include retail, process plants, data centres, hospitality and much more.