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    Tool Trollies

    When it comes to storing your tools, investing in larger storage solutions such as tool chests and cabinets are ideal when working in workshops, garages or even if you're a tradesman on the move. Whether you're working in a larger space, like a production floor or a forecourt, or you're travelling between jobs with a larger collection of tools, bits and accessories, it makes sense to have a transportable storage solution that helps you rather than hinders you. Our range of tool chests and cabinets include wall-mounted solutions for your workshop or workstation and wheeled chests with castors to help you move your tools with ease to wherever you need them.

    Why should I get a tool chest or a tool cabinet?

    For the secure storage and transportation of your tools and accessories, you may find a tool box is simply not big enough and a tool chest or cabinet is actually the best solution to suit your applications. This may be especially true if you find yourself frequently working on different stations throughout your workshop or perhaps you work on larger projects where having your tools beside you is much easier than travelling back and forth to your current tool storage system.

    The right tool chest or tool cabinet will keep your essentials neat, organised and close to hand, whether you're operating in the garage, workshop or on a factory floor. Our drawers are fitted with ball bearing slides that keep your drawers moving fluidly and easily, with some featuring locking systems that not only keep your drawers closed but can also keep your drawers open, keeping tools available for quick changes. Tool trays and drawer liners can further help with tool tidying and organisation, allowing you to find the tools you need easily and see exactly what is missing at just a glance.

    What models are available?

    With robust plastic, stainless steel and aluminium models available, keeping your tools safe and secure is assured when you choose from our range of chests and cabinets. Many of our available cabinets come with central locking systems for extra security, not only protecting your tools from theft but also keeping the drawers locked during transit. Tool chests typically have padlock hasps to lock down tools when not in use.

    Mobile cabinets, wheeled workstations and maintenance trolleys are perfect for keeping your tools organised and close to hand. Many of our tool chests are wheeled, providing mobility to the cabinets and improved workplace efficiency via castors installed on their underside. From toolboxes on wheels to versatile yet durable cabinets, there is a tool storage solution to suit your needs.

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