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    White Boards

    A white board or dry wipe board is a board with a smooth white wipe clean surface. Information is written on the board with special non-permanent marker pens that can be easily erased. Boards can be magnetic or nonmagnetic.

    What does it do?

    White boards are used to display important results, information or instructions in communal areas.


    • Non-magnetic – Whiteboards with a wood or MDF baseboard covered with a smooth white dry wipe surface. Dry wipe pens are used.

    • Magnetic – Whiteboard with a steel backing plate. Magnetic whiteboards have the same white dry wipe surface as non-magnetic boards dry wipe pens are also used. Magnetic accessories like coloured discs or strips can be used to enhance or highlight presentations.

    When would I use one?

    Dry wipe boards can be used in a wide variety of applications, the most popular would be:

    • Offices

    • Meeting rooms

    • Break Areas

    • Factory floors

    • Team locker rooms

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