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    WiFi Antennas

    A WiFi antenna is a device built to pick up the wireless network radio transmissions that are broadcasted from several devices such as laptops, routers or mobile phones. They are key components that are needed to pick up or radiate WiFi signals where needed.

    Consider a WiFi antenna to upgrade your home or office router where you may be experiencing connectivity issues or are looking to extend the signal of your router. Antenna upgrades can sometimes be simpler and more cost-effective to fix with a new antenna, especially with home networks.

    Types of WiFi Antenna

    • Omni-directional antennas focus energy in a 360 degree pattern. This type of antenna is used when coverage in all directions is required. Antennas in this design typically have gain ratings of between 2.2dBi and 14dBi.
    • Directional antennas provide a stronger pattern in a specific direction by focusing the RF wave to provide a great coverage distance.
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