Pneumatic Regulators

Pneumatic regulators, commonly called pressure-reducing valves, maintain constant output pressure in pneumatic air compressors. They do this by automatically cutting off a gas or liquid when it’s at a certain pressure. Most regulators use simple wire coil springs to control the pressure. 

The benefits of pneumatic regulators 

Pneumatic regulators can provide a quick response and accurate pressure regulation for even the most demanding industrial air preparation applications. They make sure that compressed air in a pneumatic system is not wasted. 

Pneumatic regulator applications 

Pneumatic regulators are found in many common home and industrial applications, including heating furnaces and gas grills as well as in medical and dental equipment. They're ideal when pressure must be closely controlled, as is the case when dealing with gas. 

When installing a pressure regulator, it's important to choose one that is appropriately sized for your particular system. If it's too large it will increase air usage and waste energy. So ensuring the proper sizing and setting of your pressure regulator is crucial for efficient air consumption. 

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Description Price Port Connection Minimum Outlet Pressure Maximum Outlet Pressure Maximum Input Pressure Manufacturer Series Pressure Gauge Port Size Port Connection Thread Size Pressure Gauge Port Thread Size Maximum Flow Rate Typical Flow Rate Integral Check Valve Port Connection Thread Standard Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature
RS Stock No. 267-9355
Mfr. Part No.R74G-4GK-RMN
G 1/2 0.3bar 10bar 20bar R74G Rc 1/8 1/2 in 1/8 in 105L/s - Without Check Valve G -34°C +80°C
RS Stock No. 182-9611
Mfr. Part No.R84G-3GK-RMG
G 3/8 0.3bar 10bar 10bar Excelon Plus G 1/8 3/8 in 1/8 in 7500L/min - - G -10°C +60°C
RS Stock No. 182-9612
Mfr. Part No.R84G-4GK-RMG
G 1/2 0.3bar 10bar 10bar Excelon Plus G 1/8 1/2 in 1/8 in 7500L/min - - G -10°C +60°C
RS Stock No. 182-9613
Mfr. Part No.R84G-6GK-RMG
G 3/4 0.3bar 10bar 10bar Excelon Plus G 1/8 3/4 in 1/8 in 7500L/min - - G -10°C +60°C
RS Stock No. 822-4046
Mfr. Part No.20AG-X4G-PH100
G 1/2 0.2bar 8bar 28bar 20AG G 1/8 1/2 in 1/8 in - - Yes G -20°C +80°C