Power Tool Accessories

Having the right power tool accessory is really important in helping you get the most from your power tools. We have an extensive range of power tool accessories and add-ons for corded and cordless tools including power tool batteries and chargers, saw blades as well as a selection of multitool accessories.

We stock leading brands such as Bosch, Dormer, Starrett, Makita and DeWalt or choose RS PRO for trusted performance.

Types of power tool accessories available

We have new and replacement parts to optimise and maintain all types of power tools in the jobs that they're being used for, whether that's for DIY at home or maintaining industrial machinery. Here are some of our most popular power tool accessory product areas.

Cutting and blades

Whether you are looking for a replacement jigsaw blade to cut through softwood materials or circular saw blade for your power saw, we have a great range of cutting blades for you to choose from, including:

  • Band Saw blades

  • Jigsaw blades

  • Circular saw blades

  • Reciprocating saw blades

Multitool Accessories

When working on a job or project, it can be necessary to use your multitool, due to the breadth of task it can undertake. The versatility of the material it can cut through is vast and being highly portable it can be used in close confined areas. You can buy drill bits individually or as drill bit sets, that contain multiple sizes. Just some of the types of drill bits you can select from include:

  • Metal Multi-Tool blades

  • Wood Multi-Tool Blades

  • Tile and Glass Blades

Power Tool Batteries

Batteries are essential for use with all cordless power tools, browse our range for the latest power tool batteries and power tool chargers.

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