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    Arduino Shop

    Here at RS, you can browse our extensive range of Arduino and Arduino compatible products. Whether you're looking for a quality open-source platform for your next electronics project or simply for compatible expansion or add-on parts, we have you covered. Our extensive Arduino shop contains a broad selection of the best Arduino hardware, including programmable electronic-boards that are used with the programming software Arduino IDE. Designed to be quick and easy use, the Arduino platform is brilliant for any experienced engineers as well as those looking to begin their journey into learning to code and create your own electronics projects.

    Browse our full range of official Arduino boards and modules to find the ideal board with the right specification for your project, including the popular Arduino Uno which is the perfect starter board if you are new to programming or working with single board computers.

    Arduino boards are also available in complete Kits. Our range of Arduino kits come with all the products required if you are just starting to learn single board computing or coding as well as for those looking to complete a specific task/project, such as building a robot or sensor system for production or home applications. Aside from being a great entryway into single board computing, Arduino kits are an excellent choice when buying multiple parts and components as kits offer both conveniences in providing a complete solution, as well as confidence in that all your components are compatible with each other. Convenience and confidence topped off with value for money in kit bundles make for an obvious choice.

    If you want to add more functions to your Arduino, we offer stackable shields that offer extra abilities such as wireless connectivity, protection against high currents or to enable prototyping. Alternatively, check out our selection of Arduino compatible boards where you can find versatile models with comparable performance.