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    Raspberry Pi HATs & Add-ons

    Raspberry Pi HATS (Hardware attached on top) are other boards and modules that extend the functionality of your main Raspberry Pi boards. These expansion boards can help you do more with your Pi, whether its a Pi 2, Pi 3 or the latest Pi 4 boards. The Raspberry Pi boards support both official HATS and third-party hats to make your experience even greater and to open up more availability with what your device can do.

    Raspberry Pi add-ons are also included and you can find the likes of additional heatsinks to cool your device to an even more optimum temperature for better performance. Raspberry Pi hats are mostly plug and play for an effortless install.

    What are popular HATS for Raspberry Pi?

    • PoE Boards: PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows you to ditch the mains adapter and power your Raspberry Pi boards with an ethernet cable. As well as powering your board, they also allow you to have an internet connection, resulting in fewer wires and a more space-saving design.
    • Sense Hat: The sense hat is an interactive hat that can identify multiple senses from orientation, air pressure, humidity and much more. It even includes RGB LEDs in a matrix.
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