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    Locks & Bolts

    Locks, bolts and padlocks are mechanisms used to secure doors, cabinets and enclosures. Ensuring buildings, rooms and property is safe in the workplace and everyday life. They come in a vast array of shapes, styles and materials to suit a wide range of applications. RS offer a comprehensive range of Locks and Bolts for all your security needs.

    What is a lock?

    A lock is a mechanical device designed to keep a door, window, lid or container fastened. Locks are typically operated by a key but can be operated by a keypad.

    What is a bolt?

    A bolt is a type of lock that is fastened to a door or a gate to keep it shut. Padlocks are often added to bolts for extra security.

    Types of Lock

    Cam Locks

    Cam locks are a simple metal lock made up of two parts, a threaded barrel and a cam lever. Cam locks are typically used for lockers and cabinet doors.

    Euro Cylinder Locks

    Euro Cylinder locks or pin tumbler locks are the most common type of lock used for uPVC doors. The Euro cylinder is fixed into the lock case. When a key is inserted it rotates the cam which in turn drives the bolt in the lock case.

    Mortice Locks

    A mortice lock is made up of two parts, the locking mechanism which is fitted in the door itself, rather than on the surface, and the catch that is fitted to the fixed frame. Mortice locked can be locked or opened from either side.

    Keypad Locks

    Keypad locks can be mounted flush into a panel or surface mounted box. Keypad locks are commonly used in conjunction with door entry systems. A unique code is entered the keypad to enable the door to open

    Code Locks

    A code lock is a door locking mechanism with a handle or knob and an integrated keypad. Typically used to secure doors, lockers and cabinets. A unique code is entered the keypad to enable the door to open

    Hasps and Staples

    A hasp and staple is a two-part device consisting of a hinged hasp typically fixed to a door, and a staple, fixed to a frame. The two parts are locked in place with a security padlock.


    Padlocks are portable detachable locks with a body and a pivoting shackle. The shackle can be passed through a ring, staple or lockout hasp for added security