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    Interface ICs

    Choose from our large range of Interface ICs. We stock products from the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers which means you're sure to find the ideal product for your application.

    What are Interface ICs?

    Interface ICs are integrated circuits that serve as a link between two systems (or components of a device) that wouldn't be compatible otherwise. The sharing of information between devices is important in electronics, as the applications taking advantage of them are many. For example, they're used in telecommunications, automation and even in audio processing.

    Our extensive Interface ICs range includes:

    • ADSL Line Drivers: An electronic circuit that acts like a buffer, amplifying line level signal. In digital systems, they enable the transmission of digital signals across devices. In particular, ADSL line drivers are used in communication systems and can also be found in combination with ADSL receivers
    • Ethernet Controllers: an IC chip in charge of controlling Ethernet communications. The data coming from the Internet cable is transferred to the Ethernet controller, which in turn decodes them in a way that the computer can process.

    Ethernet Transceivers: belonging to the category above, Ethernet transceivers connect devices within a network and are made up, as the name suggest, by a transmitter and a receiver. They're also known as MAUs (media access units)

    What kind of transceivers are there?

    Transceivers are quite a popular category in the electronic communication industry due to the convenience of integrating the receiver with the transmitter. As well as Ethernet transceivers, we also stock several other kinds that include:

    • CAN (Controller Area Network) Transceivers: used as an interface between the CAN protocol controller and the wires of the bus lines
    • LVDS Transceivers: they owe their name to the fact they use Low Voltage Differential Signalling to acquire data, guaranteeing better resistance against noise
    • Multiprotocol Transceivers
    • USB Transceivers