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    Programmable Logic ICs

    Programmable logic ICs are small electronic components used to build reconfigurable digital circuits. When Programmable Logic ICs or devices are manufactured they have an unspecified function, whereas Integrated Circuits (ICs) are made up of logic gates and have a specific function. RS offer a wide range of high-quality devices from leading brands including Altera, Microchip Technology, Xilinx and Lattice Semiconductor.

    What are the main types of programmable logic device?

    CLPD or Complex Programmable Logic Devices - Used to implement complex combination or sequential circuits. The devices are made up from logic array blocks, programmable interconnects and I/O blocks

    FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array - Used for prototyping application-specific ICs. These devices consist of logic blocks, programmable switch matrix, I/O blocks and interconnects.

    SPLD or Simple Programmable Logic Device - These components are the smallest and simplest programmable logic device. SPLDs are divided into two main types, Fixed Logic Devices (FLD) and Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)

    What are Programmable Logic Circuits used for?

    These versatile board mounting semiconductor devices are used in a wide range of electronics applications Some of the most common are,

    • Synchronization
    • Bus Interfaces
    • Decoders
    • Counters