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    DIP & Rotary Encoded Switches

    PCB Switches are small, manual electrical switches that are packaged with other circuits to control the flow of electricity.

    Types of PCB Switches

    PCB switches operate in a variety of different ways depending on their form and application. Their compact size enables a wide range of switching operations and can be found in many common day to day items.

    Our range of PCB switches covers simple on/off switches right through to application-specific switches such as keypad and detector switches along with piezo and captive switches. See our selection of Micro and push-button switches to fit any application as well as DIP & SIP switches.

    Many switches are available in different throw or pole configurations to enable functionality such as on/off, on/off/on, off/on/off along with a multitude of other patterns to suit any application.

    Features and benefits:

    • Compact form to suit any application
    • Wide range of functionality
    • Application-specific components
    • Inexpensive