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    Domestic Installation Switches

    Domestic installation switches are electrical devices to control the flow of electricity to various appliances and fixtures. These switches play a crucial role in providing safety and convenience within the home.

    What types of Domestic Installation Switches are there?

    Light Switches: Light switches are the most common type of domestic installation switches and are used to control the illumination of light fixtures in a room. They allow users to turn lights on or off easily.Pull Cord Switches: Pull cord switches are typically installed in bathrooms or utility rooms and are operated by pulling a cord to turn a specific appliance or light on or off. They are commonly used for controlling bathroom lights or extractor fans.Fused Spurs: Fused spurs are switches that incorporate a fuse within the device. They are typically used to control and protect individual appliances, such as ovens, dishwashers, or washing machines. Fused spurs provide an extra level of safety by isolating the power supply to the appliance.Fan Isolator Switches: Fan isolator switches are specifically designed for controlling extractor fans. They are typically installed in bathrooms or kitchens and allow users to turn the fan on or off independently of other lights or appliances.Dimmer Switches: Dimmer switches provide the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting by varying the voltage supplied to the light fixture. They offer flexibility in creating different lighting atmospheres and can help save energy by reducing the brightness when full illumination is not required.Key Card Switches: Key card switches are often used in hotels or commercial settings. They require a special key card to be inserted into the switch to activate or control power to various electrical devices in the room, such as lighting or HVAC systems. They are used for energy management purposes.Switch Insert Modules: Switch insert modules are interchangeable components that can be fitted into modular switch plates. They allow users to customize the functionality of their switches, such as adding additional switches or incorporating different types of switches in a single plate.Blind and Roller Control Switches: Blind and roller control switches are designed specifically for controlling window blinds, shutters, or roller shades. They provide convenient operation to raise or lower window coverings and adjust their positions to control privacy and light levels.