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    Pressure Test & Measurement

    Pressure measurement instruments play an important role in process management and control, they're used with both gases and liquids to accurately measure and check pressure. From preventing temperatures raising out of permitted ranges to stopping potential explosions from gas build up, we have the equipment to help ensure accuracy and safety in your processes.

    How is pressure measured?

    Pressure is classified into three types:

    • Fluid pressure – the measurement of force per unit area of a fluid, either liquid or gas.
    • Absolute pressure – the absolute value of force per unit on a surface exerted by a fluid.
    • Gauge pressure – the difference between atmospheric pressure and absolute. This can differ based on altitude, weather, and ambient temperature. This means pressure gauges readouts can vary at different heights.

    Types of pressure measuring devices

    There are is a wide range of types of pressure measurement instruments, that can perform here are some of the most commonly used types and what they are used for:

    • Manometers - handheld devices capable of measuring gas, air, and fluid pressure. Used for troubleshooting issues and locating leaks. Offering a wide range of pressure measurements to ensure you have the correct manometer for your job.
    • Pressure calibrators - are devices that not only measure pressure but are used to calibrate (verify) other pressure measurement instrument's readings. They are highly accurate instruments and can have multiple advanced features running at one time, such as a regulator.

    Innovations over recent years have allowed for improved technologies to be integrated into devices to allow more data to be collected, take more accurate readings, and operate more effectively in challenging environments. Readings can then be transferred to a computer for further analysis.