Machine Tools & Accessories

Whether you’re looking for machine presses, pillar drills, machine coolant systems or lathe chucks, our varied range of machine tools and accessories covers all bases. In our machine tools range, you’ll find products from brands such as RS PRO, Greenlee, Jack Sealey, Sidamo and SIP Industrial. When it comes to accessories, you can choose from brands including RS PRO, Noga, SIP Industrial and Greenlee.

What are the types of machine tools?

Designed for manufacturing metal components, machine tools come in various shapes and sizes. Some modern tools have integrated computer systems, such as a CNC router, which makes the process a lot less manual than those without. Here are some of the different types of machine tools:

  • Bench grinders - used for sharpening tools or shaping metal, these have a solid base and are secured to a workbench.
  • Machine presses - can cut shapes using pressure; these can be automatic or manual
  • Metal tabletop shears - used for cutting through metal plate
  • Pillar and bench press drills - for drilling holes of various diameters into metal
  • Lathe - rotates metal or wood at high speeds to enable the operator to shape it
  • Milling machine - uses rotary cutters to shape the metal

Machine tool accessories

Accessories for machine tools can include items such as:

  • Drill grinding attachments
  • Lathe chuck guards
  • Chucks for lathes
  • Coolant systems
  • Punch and die accessories

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