Router Bit Sets

The perfect addition to any router user’s tool kit, a router bit set offers a range of router bits suitable for a multitude of uses. The varying profiles and sizes ensures you aren’t caught short on the job especially for those unexpected cuts. Router bits most typically come in either ” or ” and must always be used with the correct router collet size. Each router bit profile can come in a range of sizes and many with or without a guide bearing.

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RS Stock No. 727-6327
1 Set
12 6 mm Straight Bit; 12 mm Straight Bit; 16 mm Straight Bit; 12.7 mm Dovetail Bit; 12.7 mm V Grooving Bit; 32 mm 45 Chamfer Bit; 12.7 mm Flush Trim Bit; 12.7x6.3 mm Core Box Bit; 25.4xR4 mm Roman Ogee Bit; 22xR6.3mm Cove Bit; 22xR6.3 mm Round Over Bit; 28xR9.5 mm Round Over Bit