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Imagine where we’d be without the engineering feats we’re all too familiar with today. Hard to imagine, I know. Engineering has contributed a great deal to our everyday lives.

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Frontliner’s lens: IIOT in MRO

My problem-solving & customer-centric sales leadership approach is put into test when I see my MRO customers ‘respectfully’ losing it on my team at times- “can you deliver by today- my facility's system broke down & project is due for completion this week”- just one of many scenarios.

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Plant Shutdown: Protecting Against Common Risks with Preventative Maintenance

Summer shutdowns—when facilities stop production during the warmer months to perform maintenance tasks or upgrades—take preparation and planning. In a facility with a variety of processes and pieces of equipment, it’s important to stay focused if all the necessary maintenance tasks are to be completed within the shutdown time frame.

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Products to support your Maintenance needs

Our extensive range of new products, services, and technologies can support your planned maintenance strategies, no matter what environment you operate in. This includes the essentials items you need plus innovative products that will help prevent the recurrence of problems, in turn reducing the burden of scheduled replacement or worn parts.
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NEW Indirect Procurement Report 2020

In this fourth annual whitepaper conducted in 2020 with RS and CIPS, insight on the Indirect category of supplies for Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) is provided.

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MRO In a Fast Moving World

MRO In a Fast Moving World

Nobody ever said being an MRO professional was easy. It's getting tougher, with constant pressure on costs, the need to avoid downtime and new demands to be ethical as well.

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