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    Storage & Shelving

    Need a place to store and organise your tools and equipment in an industrial setting? RS has the storage solutions you need to neaten up your surroundings and maintain a neat and safe environment for you and your workers or customers.

    We carry a wide range of storage shelves and shelving equipment for sale, and our equipment can be used in many settings such as construction sites, workshops, storerooms, and garages to easily view and organise your tools and devices. In this section, you can view our wide array of fixed and mobile compartment boxes, storage bins and boxes, and lockers.

    What types of storage and shelving are available?

    Industrial storage shelves and shelving solutions should be able to house everything within your workshop no matter the location - whether that's at home in a storeroom, in a professional garage or a building site, or other industrial and domestic settings.

    If your workshop or home is cluttered with equipment, we stock a variety of storage shelves and accessories to help you keep your surroundings tidy and well-organised. Our storage shelves and components can be used to keep workspaces tidy and safe while helping you easily locate and store workshop tools and instruments for later use.

    Our storage accessories, equipment, and shelves for sale also enable you to store and sort your equipment to ensure the safety of you and your colleagues, workers, or customers especially when heavy-duty power tools are involved. Your tools can also be stored securely to avoid loss of theft, putting your mind at ease while you work.

    Browse our range of fixed, mobile, and modular storage shelves and solutions including: