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    Storage Cabinets

    Storage cabinets are structures used for storing components or supplies using organizational systems such as shelving or drawers. Storage cabinets help maintain a clean and organized workstation because they provide a safe and secure structure for loose components to be stored, thus freeing up space around a workstation.Nearly every workstation, office, or home makes use of some system of storage cabinets, whether it be for storing hand tools, office supplies, or even home goods in a tidy and clean fashion. Storage cabinets come in many different sizes and build materials, giving you a variety to choose from when deciding on the right storage cabinet for your needs.RS carries a wide range of cabinets that can fit your every need. Simply browse and sort our catalog by size, cabinet type, build material, and other features to find the right one.

    Choosing the Right Type of Storage Cabinet

    When choosing the right storage cabinet, there are multiple important factors to consider, such as size, material build, and storage type. Here are just some of the factors to consider.Size - The size of your storage cabinet should correlate to what you need to be stored. But remember, it's best practice to store tools and equipment separately by type so that they are easier to find. Therefore, it might be best to consider multiple smaller cabinets rather than one large one.Mobility - Some jobs require that multiple tools or pieces of equipment be used in many different locations. In these scenarios, it might be a good idea to invest in a storage cabinet with wheels. Some examples of where having a mobile cabinet are ideal are automotive repair, electrical servicing, and construction. If your cabinet can remain stationary, you can always wall mount it to save on floor space.Build Material - The type of environment your storage cabinet will be in will dictate the necessary build material. For example, if you are looking for a storage cabinet to use in the office, you may look for one made of plastic to save costs. However, if your cabinet will be in use in more industrial settings, you might need a metal storage cabinet. Metal cabinets serve a lot of benefits, which we'll explore further below.Door Type - Doors will help you access the contents of your cabinet, although some cabinets don't have any doors at all. Some popular door styles include sliding, garage, and locker. For extra security, you might want a lockable cabinet. Needing a key to access, locked cabinets are a good solution for places like offices or in the case where the cabinet is housing a dangerous tool.Storage Type - There are a handful of different storage types a cabinet can have, and some cabinets have a combination of different storage types for added convenience. Some storage options include standard shelving, louvered storage, drawers, or hangers. Some cabinets have transforming modular drawers to help you customize your cabinet in the most convenient way possible.

    Get Extra Security with a Metal Storage Cabinet

    Metal cabinets, as opposed to plastic cabinets, have a natural extra layer of security by virtue of being a more impenetrable material. This makes metal cabinets, particularly steel cabinets, the most suitable build type of cabinet for most industrial purposes. When working with heavy machinery and in manufacturing environments, you need to be sure that your cabinets are sturdy and can withstand rough usage.Metal is also the ideal build material for any lockable cabinet, regardless of what the cabinet is used for. This is because most plastics are too flimsy and can easily be broken into, even if there is a lock. With a similar thought, metal storage cabinets are also more suitable for storing heavier objects, as they can better withstand the weight.

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