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    Double Sided Tapes

    Double sided tapes are adhesive tapes designed for fastening surfaces together in an invisible manner. The backing material is covered with either rubber or an acrylic adhesive layer on both sides that can be sandwiched between two materials for joining. These are used for bonding, holding or mounting purposes in a range of applications. Double side tapes vary in thickness depending on whether they are paper based, or foam based. Commonly the double sided sticky tape is made of plastic and is clear.We offer a wide variety of tapes from leading suppliers such as 3M double sided tape and of course our own trusted brand RS PRO double side tapes.

    What is double sided tape used for?

    The main benefits of double side tapes are their bonding and mounting capabilities, which means they are used in a variety of industries. They can bond to rough and uneven surfaces, making them extremely versatile. Double side adhesive tape is commonly used in crafts, splicing, metal fabrication and printing, as well as in building industries.

    Types of double sided sticky tape

    Plastic tapes - PVC tapes with acrylic adhesives are very common, used mostly on uneven surfaces or materials with rough exteriors, they have very high adhesion levels. Polypropylene tapes, which are temperature resistant and solvent-free, with common usage in DIY and arts and crafts projects.Adhesive Squares - These are made of foam and are laminated with adhesive on both sides. They are used in arts and crafts, interior decorating, and signage industries. They can mount lightweight objects like posters, cards, and drawings to most types of dry surfaces.

    Cloth tapes - Typically manufactured from woven cotton or synthetic cloth, this kind of tape features an adhesive coating on both sides. Cloth is heavier than tapes manufactured with plastic or paper, and cloth tapes have a high adhesive coat weight. They are particularly suited to bonding on awkward shapes or uneven surfaces such as floors.Paper tapes - These are made with a paper-based carrier material. Paper tapes have a layer of acrylic adhesive on both sides of the substrate material and are used to bond materials together, especially where temporary sticking is required. The tape can be applied by hand or with an applicator and comes in varying thicknesses with different adhesion capabilities.Carpet tape - Commonly used tape for holding carpets down in high traffic areas or where a carpet gripper isn't present. Ideal for using on different surfaces such as concrete. The double sided carpet tape can be applied by hand and is easy to remove with no residue left behind.Mounting Tape – A quick and easy mounting solution with lasting results. Mounting tape is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, a strong double sided foam based tape. The backing is peeled off and stuck to an object, then the adhesive side is exposed by removing the backing and securing the object in the desired location.

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