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    Level Sensors

    Level sensors are essential tools for monitoring and managing liquid levels in various applications, including water tanks. These sensors accurately measure and maintain liquid levels within a container, tank, or silo, providing crucial information on how full or empty it is. In the case of water tank level sensors, they can be used to trigger alarms, control pumps, or automate irrigation systems, ensuring optimal water management. RS NZ offers a wide range of level sensors, including water level sensors, tank level sensors, and ultrasonic level sensors, designed to meet the diverse needs of industries and applications across New Zealand.

    Types of Water Level Sensors

    The choice of sensors is usually determined by which substance is being measured, the environment in which the sensor is to be used and in which position the sensor needs to be mounted. Also, the application will determine the measurement principle used, such as capacitive, guided wave radar or hydrostatic level measurement. The most common types of level sensors are:

    Capacitive level switches

    • Capacitive level switches provide a basic full/empty level indication determined by the mounting position of the sensor. This type of switch is non-contact and uses a sensing field to determine liquid levels. Capacitive sensors provide accurate switching even with heavy residue build-up.

    Vibrating level probes

    • Vibrating level probes use a rod or a fork that constantly produce high-frequency vibrations. When the vibrating probe comes into contact with the medium, the vibration changes and the vibrating level switch outputs a switching command. Vibrating level switches are used as overfill protection devices or low-level indicators in liquids as well as in granular and powder bulk solids.

    Conductive level switches

    • Conductive level switches are sensors that use stainless steel probes with an electrical contact output to measure a specific liquid level. Used in conjunction with a level control relay to set and monitor each probe. Applications include ponds, reservoirs, sumps, pharmaceuticals, closed vessels and open tanks.

    Ultrasonic level sensors

    • Ultrasonic level sensors generate ultrasonic sound pulses that are reflected by the surface of a liquid medium. The time travelled by the ultrasonic pulse is calculated by the sensor which then determines the distance of the liquid to give an accurate fill level. The ultrasonic sensor's response is influenced by turbulence, pressure, moisture, and temperature.

    Applications of Level Sensors

    Common applications of water & oil level sensors include:

    • Manufacturing: Level sensors monitor and control liquid levels in tanks, vessels, and pipelines, ensuring optimal production processes and preventing costly overflows or shortages.
    • Automotive Industry: Oil level sensors are crucial in vehicles to monitor engine oil levels, alerting drivers of low oil levels and preventing potential engine damage.
    • Water Treatment: Water level sensors and water level probes are used in water treatment plants to monitor water levels in reservoirs, tanks, and filtration systems, ensuring efficient operation and maintaining water quality standards.
    • Pharmaceutical Processes: Level sensors are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to precisely control liquid levels in mixing tanks and reactors, ensuring consistent product quality and adherence to strict regulations.
    • Power Generating Plants: Water level indicators play a crucial role in power plants by monitoring water levels in boilers, cooling towers, and other systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

    How to Order a Water Tank Level Indicator from RS

    RS NZ offers a comprehensive range of liquid level sensors from top brands like Siemens and Sick.

    Our selection includes various types of level sensors, such as capacitive level switches, vibrating level probes, conductive level switches, digital level indicators, ultrasonic level sensors, and more, catering to diverse industrial and commercial applications. Whether you need a water, oil or general liquid level sensor, we have a solution for you.

    Explore our user-friendly website to easily filter and compare level sensors based on measurement technology, sensing range, and other specifications. Once you've found the ideal tank level sensor for your application, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. With our streamlined ordering process and fast delivery options, you can have your level sensor delivered to you in no time.

    Delivery Information for New Zealand

    To have your purchases delivered the next working day, please place your orders for items stocked locally in New Zealand or Australia before 5 pm NZT and 3 pm NZT, respectively.

    RS will deliver your order between 8 am and 5 pm local time the next working day. However, a longer lead time may be required for some products, including:

    • Global Stock and Extended Range products.
    • Orders of hazardous materials.
    • Products over 20kg, with a cubic weight exceeding 20kg, or longer than 1.5 metres.

    Extended lead times may also apply to non-core products and deliveries to specific regional areas. For further details or to arrange consolidated delivery, please speak to our Customer Service.

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