Keyboards & Mice

We work with a number of globally respected brands including Logitech and Cherry, ensuring our comprehensive range of personal, industry and office-use keyboards and mice meet the highest quality standards. We also stock a selection of premium mouse pads, wrist rests and keyboard covers.

What should you look for in a good keyboard and mouse setup?

The first step in choosing a keyboard and mouse that works the way you do is to be aware of the many different options available.


  • Layout - QWERTY is the standard British keyboard layout, with US QWERTY versions using a similar arrangement. AZERTY is the French standard, while QWERTZ tends to refer to German-optimised keyboards. We also stock keyboards for Arabic, Cyrillic, Nordic and Japanese alphabets.

  • Number of keys - ranging from 64 keys to 104+ keys, depending on options for numeric keypads, control key sets, and several other variables. If you only need the basics, you can choose a smaller keyboard to save on desk space.

  • Design - ergonomic keyboards offer enhanced natural comfort and reduced risk of strain, while medical versions are spill-resistant and fully cleanable (ideal in clean rooms and medical labs). Touchpads replace or augment mouse control, while or numeric keyboard are aimed at jobs requiring high-volume data input.


  • Wired vs. wireless - wired mice usually feature faster reaction times and greater accuracy (higher DPI). Wireless mice offer greater freedom of movement and don’t have any messy cable clutter, but must be charged regularly.

  • Laser vs. optical - laser mice provide superior accuracy for design and other specialist applications. Optical mice for everyday use rely on LED sensors to detect movement, and require a flat, opaque mouse pad for best results.

  • Ergonomics - several types of mouse, including vertical and trackball mice, are designed to prioritise a more natural hand/arm position for extended use.

  • Right/left-handed - while very few mice are specifically aimed at left-handed users, many are designed for ambidextrous use. Check the positioning of frequently used buttons and scroll wheels before choosing.
All keyboard and mouse setups need to be robust and durable enough for everyday use over extended periods of time, but also comfortable and user-friendly enough to feel designed around the precise movements you’ll be making with them.
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