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    KVM Accessories

    KVM accessories can maximise the functionality and manageability of your KVM switch performance. KVM stands for 'keyboard, video and mouse'. The wide range of accessories available includes HDMI converters, lead adapters and mini display ports.

    Types of KVM accessories

    Within our range of KVM accessories, you will find:

    • DVI extenders
    • converters
    • adapters
    • computer interface modules (CIMs)
    • cables
    • emulators
    • rack-mount brackets

    What do the KVM accessories do?

    KVM accessories have a variety of functions designed to allow control over multiple computer devices from a set of keyboards, video monitors and mice. Mini display ports let you connect an advanced digital monitor, making them the ideal solution for adapting your display port computer or graphics card to use a DVI monitor or device. A USB adapter allows you to add extra monitors to a PC. All you have to do is install the driver, connect a monitor to the unit and then connect to the PC. You can then use multiple windows with multiple monitors.

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