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    Automotive Connectors

    Automotive electrical connectors have to be tough and reliable. They are often exposed to the elements, meaning they must be protected against dust ingress and moisture. In addition, many auto connectors are also engineered to possess a good degree of heat resistance.

    Due to the constant movement and vibrations experienced within a vehicle, auto electrical connectors frequently incorporate secure locking systems into the plug and socket to prevent accidental disconnection. These car wiring connectors ensure that the car’s wiring remains firmly in place, maintaining a continuous electrical connection throughout the vehicle's operation.

    Types of Automotive Connectors

    Automotive connectors come in a variety of types to suit the diverse electrical needs of modern vehicles.


    Terminal automotive wire connectors are used to establish a connection between a wire and a printed circuit board (PCB). Wire terminals simplify the process by eliminating the need for soldering, making them a popular choice for car wiring connectors.

    Board-to-Board Connectors

    Designed to connect two PCBs together, these automotive connectors are essential for establishing communication and power transfer between different electronic modules within a vehicle.

    Wire-to-Wire Connectors

    These automotive connectors join two wires that have already been terminated, often using crimp connections with ring terminals. They are commonly used to extend or repair wiring harnesses in a car.

    Connector Housings

    Automotive connector housings provide a protective enclosure for wire terminals, connectors, and PCBs. They shield the electrical connections from environmental factors like moisture, dust, and vibration, ensuring long-term reliability.

    General Automotive Connectors

    This broad category encompasses various types of auto connectors used in power and battery applications. These vehicle electrical connectors are often found in caravanning setups, cigarette lighters, and other auxiliary power systems.

    Features of Automotive Connectors

    Automotive electrical connectors are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions found within vehicles. These car electrical connectors must be reliable, durable, and capable of maintaining a secure connection even in harsh environments.

    Key features of automotive connectors include:

    • Protection: Automotive connectors are often sealed or shielded to protect against dust, moisture, and other environmental contaminants that could compromise electrical connections.
    • Heat Resistance: Vehicle electrical connectors are designed to withstand high temperatures generated by the engine and other components. They utilise heat-resistant materials and construction to prevent melting, deformation, or degradation of the connection.
    • Secure Locking Systems: Due to the constant vibrations and movement experienced by vehicles, automotive connectors incorporate robust locking mechanisms to prevent accidental disconnection. These mechanisms ensure that automotive wire connectors remain securely fastened as the car travels.

    Applications of Automotive Connectors

    Automotive connectors facilitate secure and reliable connections for a wide range of modern vehicle functions and systems. Specific applications for automotive connectors include:

    • Cable-to-Cable Connections: Automotive connectors provide a secure and protected way to join two or more points in a car’s wiring harness. This is essential for connecting the circuits throughout the vehicle.
    • Power Distribution: Auto connectors are used to distribute power from the battery and other sources to various components within the vehicle, such as lights, sensors, and motors.
    • Signal Transmission: Automotive electrical connectors enable the transmission of signals between different electronic control units (ECUs) and sensors, facilitating communication and coordination within the vehicle's complex electrical network.
    • Accessory Connections: Car electrical connectors are often used to connect accessories such as radios, GPS devices, and charging ports. These connectors ensure a reliable power supply and signal transmission for these additional features.
    • Specialised Applications: Auto electrical connectors are also used in specific applications like trailer wiring, caravan hookups, and even in the motocross and boating industries, where harsh environments demand rugged and reliable connections.

    How to Order an Emergency Stop Button from RS

    RS New Zealand (NZ) stocks a range of automotive electrical connectors for all your wiring needs. Our extensive selection includes auto connectors from trusted brands like Amphenol Industrial, TE Connectivity, Molex, and more. To place an order online, browse our extensive catalogue and use the filter function to find the car wiring connectors you need. You can filter by brand, gender, current rating, mounting type, termination method, IP rating and many more.

    Delivery Information for New Zealand

    RS NZ offers fast delivery of all types of automotive electrical connectors. For more details on delivery services and fees, please refer to our Delivery Page.

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