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    Speaker Connectors

    Speaker connectors are a type of connector designed primarily for loudspeakers, Hi-Fi systems and other audio applications. Speaker connectors can be used to provide connection between speakers and amplifiers. Loudspeaker connectors are DIN connectors or circular connectors with a ring of metal surrounding an arrangement of pins that are plugged into a socket. Speaker connectors have a gender (male or female). Male connectors are a plug, while female connectors are the socket.

    Types of speaker connector:

    • Sockets
    • Speaker Terminals
    • Splitters
    • Banana Plugs
    • Pin Connectors
    • speakON Connectors
    • Audio Jacks

    There are different types of speaker connector which are mounted in various ways. This includes: 

    • Panel type connectors, which are mounted onto an equipment panel, are designed for high currents and inductive loads. Panel mount speaker connectors provide a connection between the speaker system and the outside of the enclosure.
    • Cable type connectors are mounted onto a cable. They can feature a robust plastic shell and chuck-type cable clamps. The mounting will vary by the connector. Some are screw mounted or feature clamps.

    Where are speaker connectors used?

    • Loudspeakers
    • Amplifiers
    • Microphones
    • Lighting systems
    • Laser systems
    • Concert equipment
    • Telecommunications

    What are speaker terminals?

    Speaker terminals are a type of speaker connector which provide termination of leads or speaker wire. A benefit of a terminal is that it will often have multiple connections, saving the installation of multiple sockets. They feature red and black colour-coded sockets for the bare wire. The colour-coding helps to identify the polarisation of the wire.

    Terminals often have a spring loaded lever which, after placing the wire inside, can be released and secured. This lever traps the wire in place, similar to a crimp. The levers are a really quick and easy way to create a secure connection. It also means that you do not need to attach different connectors to a cable, and various wire sizes can be used.

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