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    Aerial Connectors

    Aerial connectors are a type of coax connector used when connecting or distributing TV signals. Aerial connectors are terminated onto the end of coaxial cable to make flyleads or aerial extensions. Our range of high-quality aerial connectors are available in both plugs (male) sockets (female) in straight or right-angled cable mount.

    What Type of Coaxial Cable should I use?

    Most coaxial cables used for the transmission of TV signals would have a nominal impedance of 75Ώ. The most popular cables being RG59, RG8 and RG11. These rugged coaxial cables have a solid copper centre conductor housed within a non-conductive dielectric insulator. The dielectric material is surrounded with a foil shield and copper braiding for excellent EMI shielding. A tough outer overall sheath completes the cable.

    How are TV Aerial Connectors terminated?

    Aerial RF connectors are generally attached to the cable then crimped with a specialist ratchet crimping tool. Some types of aerial connectors can push on; however, this termination method does not always produce a reliable connection.


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