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    Connecting Components

    Connecting components are used to join two pieces of a structural system together. From main structural framing through to the additions of shelving and worktops. Structural systems are used across a wide range of applications in a wider range of industries from commercial and industrial applications through to residential and DIY users. RS offers a variety of components to aid in building a system for almost any application. Our range includes connectors, adaptors, and brackets along with an extensive range of support nuts & bolts.

    Types of connecting components

    Connecting components include nuts, bolts, joint and angle brackets and corner cubes.

    T-nuts and T-bolts are used to fasten components to profiles. T-nuts are threaded steel inserts with prongs that insert claws into wood when they are tightened, and often work when wood screws fail. After a T-nut is installed, the T-bolt is used to join the parts together.

    Joint and angle brackets along with corner cubes can be used to make a strong connection with various angles available.

    Connecting components are commonly made from steel, iron and aluminium for superior strength and suitable weight properties dependant on the application.

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