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    Grub Screws

    A grub screw, also known as a set screw is used for securing sliding or moving components in place. Set screws have a distinctive headless body that makes them easy to recognize. The fastener has a threaded body that is available in a range of sizes. The use of an Allen key or a specific internal wrenching drive is required to firmly tighten the set screw into position. The set screw applies a clamping force to the components once they are secured, keeping them in place.The screw is passed through a threaded hole in the outer object and then tightened against the inner object to prevent it from moving relative to the outer object. Grub screws are commonly used to secure a pulley or a gear to a shaft or for attaching a handle or cam to a spindle.

    Use of Grub Screws

    Grub Screws are frequently used in ergonomic, condensed-space, and aerodynamic designs because of their small size. Door handles frequently have grub screws, which are also present in bicycles, cell phones, and electronic cigarettes (Ecigs).They are used when you need to fix two components without protrusions that might affect the equipment's efficiency. For instance, using a conventional hex bolt to secure gear and shaft assembly may not be effective since the assembly may experience difficulties operating smoothly due to the hex head. When protrusions are not wanted, a set screw can be used to securely connect the parts together without getting in the way of the operation.These fasteners are less susceptible to corrosion from liquids like seawater because, following installation, the head of a Grub Screw fits flush with the surface of a housing. The lowest surface area possible is exposed to the outdoors because of the compact design of a Grub Screw, which keeps the screw head inside the pilot hole itself.

    Types of Grub Screw

    Grub Screws are divided into two types, a hexagon head (sometimes called a hexagon socket set screw) and a socket head (called a socket set screw).Hexagon Head Grub Screw has a hexagonal head with a thread that extends all the way to the head.Socket Head Drive set Screws are headless with recessed drive ports into which you can insert a tool such as a hexagonal Allen key. When used the entire screw is encased in the material it is fastening without any exposed screw or bolt heads making them ideal for mechanical systems where metal surfaces rub together or to provide an aesthetic finish. These are generally more corrosion-resistant, can be tightened using more torque, and are secure and difficult to remove.

    Sizes of Set Screws

    Metric Set ScrewsMetric Grub Screws come in lengths ranging from 1.50mm to 190.00mm and diameters ranging from M1.2 to M16 (like M3 grub screw, m4 grub screw, m5 grub screw, and m6 grub screw).Imperial Set ScrewsFrom No. 0 to 3/4 inch, Imperial Grub Screws are manufactured in a variety of sizes. There are also lengths between 1/16 inch and 4 inches available.


    There are many different materials available like aluminum, brass, phosphor bronze, PEEK, and stainless steel set screws.Drive TypesThe two drive types that are most frequently used for this kind of component are socket set and slotted drives, which are both available for socket head set screws. For optimal torque transfer and security, torque drives are also available. These components are compatible with a broad range of Accu Tools and Drive Bits thanks to the diversity of drives that are readily accessible.Tip TypesThese components are produced with a variety of tip types for a variety of industrial applications. This line comprises, among other things, typical Cup Points, razor-sharp Cone Points, and protective Nylon Tips, all of which are uniquely created for certain uses.

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