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    Laser Level Accessories

    Laser level accessories are attachments and components that are designed to enhance or upgrade a laser level machine. A laser level is a small battery-powered tool that projects a laser beam onto a surface like a wall or a floor to create a visible and perfectly straight and level line. Laser levels are essential tools for home construction or renovations as they help ensure that any fixtures or furnishings are installed level and balanced without the need for a handheld spirit level.

    Laser level accessories are typically sold individually and may come with a basic stand. But as any DIY enthusiast or master builder knows, to make the best use of a laser level, you need a handful of laser level parts and accessories to make the tool more versatile and impactful to the job at hand.

    RS carries a substantial range of laser level accessories that attach or screw into any laser level accessories, from leading brands such as Leica, Stanley, and more.

    Laser Level Parts

    Auxiliary laser level parts are designed to securely attach to your laser level and enhance their functionality in some capacity or are used in tandem with your laser level to improve the overall accuracy and efficiency of your job. We carry the following categories of laser level parts:

    Laser Level Tripod

    Laser tripods provide a sturdy base for the laser level to screw into and rest on, and are essential accessories for most jobs as a laser level stand. Most tripods will be designed with telescoping legs to adjust the height to be at the desired level. Each leg of the tripod level can be adjusted individually so that the tripod can be used on slanted surfaces.

    Laser level tripods are also designed with a platform above the leg joint for the laser to screw into. Like the telescoping legs, the platform can also be adjusted and balanced using a series of tuning knobs for fine movements, or, in some cases, with a large fulcrum for bigger movements.

    Telescopic Laser Pole

    A telescopic laser pole is a base support and measuring tool with an adjustable platform that allows for a laser level to rest at the desired height. They are compact, portable, and reliable options for a laser level stand with adjustable height.

    To set it up simply extend the pole to the height of the ceiling and raise it vertically so that it is almost perpendicular to the floor. Next, pull down on the pole to slightly lower it, arrange it so it is perfectly upright, and slide it back up to lock the ends into the floor and ceiling. Next, clip on the laser level stand and set it to the desired height.

    Each telescopic laser pole will have height markings on the pole so that you can easily set the platform to the desired height.

    Laser Level Target Plate

    Laser level target plates are standalone plates that assist in measuring with a laser level on surfaces that cannot reflect the laser's beam. They are essential to use on surfaces that cannot reflect the laser so that the job does not suffer from work that is not measured accurately.

    How to Use a Laser Level Target Plate?

    To use a laser level target plate, simply set the target plate up flat against the surface you wish to measure, or, if there is no vertical surface present, set it at the optimal distance away from the laser. Turn on the laser and align it to the right position on the target plate.

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