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    Ceiling Fans

    A staple of many households, offices, and other facilities both large and small, ceiling fans are essential air circulating fixtures. They are either mounted to the ceiling directly or attached via a support beam and are ideally positioned at least seven feet above the floor.

    Ceiling fans can serve a few different purposes depending on their design and how they are operated. The two most common designs are bladed and low profile ceiling fans. Depending on which direction the fan is set to, bladed fans either suck air up and distribute air from the top, or blow air down and circulate air from the bottom. In contrast, low profile ceiling fans suck air into a vent or duct.

    RS carries a varied selection of the best ceiling fans for private and commercial use, including both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.

    Ceiling Fans with Lights

    In many cases, since they are set in the center of a room, ceiling fans will also contain lights. Both the fan and the lights are controlled independently by knobs and switches on a nearby wall.

    Traditional bladed ceiling fans with lights that are used in homes are made with either metal or wooden blades, depending on the preferences of the homeowner, and use light bulbs. These fans can be very powerful, but also not very energy efficient.

    Modern ceiling fans are designed with LED lighting as opposed to traditional bulbs. LED lights consume less energy and are a suitable solution for spaces where aesthetics are not important, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or work facility. This type of fan is rarely used as an outdoor fan.

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    The primary purpose of outdoor ceiling fans is to keep air circulating by drawing hot air up into the blades and distributing it across the ceiling. This is to keep the area below nice and cool and to keep airborne bugs and flies away.

    Some homes with an outdoor patio might have a ceiling fan with a light above a table to create a nice ambiance. In other cases, you may find industrial-sized ceiling fans in larger outdoor spaces, such as an open warehouse.

    Whether you are looking to furnish your home, workplace, or factory, RS has the best ceiling fan selection available, including many models from leading brands.

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