Printed Circuit Boards - PCB

PCBs, or printed circuit boards, have innumerable uses in all manner of electronics applications, including design/building of electrical circuits, prototyping, assembly and electrical engineering work.

Types of PCB products available

We stock a wide selection of PCB types for a range of different electronic work, including all stages of planning, testing and delivery. Among our advanced catalogue of printed circuit board products, you’ll find:

  • Backplanes and motherboards

  • Breadboards - reusable solder-free plugboards for plug-and-play prototyping and circuit design/testing

  • Eurocards - European standard format PCBs that can be plugged together into a standardised subrack, compatible with a wide range of connector types (including numerous original DIN connector standards)

  • LED prototyping boards - construction bases for making and testing sample circuits based around individual or linked LED modules

  • Matrix boards - prototype circuit boards used for laying out electrical components securely in both high-frequency and analogue circuit building

  • Photoresist boards light-sensitive material sheets for producing and prototyping PCBs, made from high quality glass epoxy with copper foil bonded to one/both sides

  • Extender boards and adapters - extends the signal from a motherboard to allow for bringing a circuit card out of an enclosure or card cage, for testing and debugging applications

  • Stripboards - a form of electronics prototyping board with a rectangular grid of holes (also known as Veroboard), for creating a robust permanent circuit with reliable connections while eliminating the need for separate terminal pins

  • Surface mount to through-hole (SMT) adapter boards - allows for the use of either direct-mount or through-hole components on either type of PCB; a great problem-solver in circuit/component testing and modification jobs

  • Plain copper ink resist boards
We also stock an advanced range of professional quality breadboard jumper wires, grounding contacts, multibus boards, PCB covers, SMD soldering exercise boards, wiring plates and wiring combs.

Guides & Articles


In this guide we’ll look at what Eurocards are, what types and sizes are available on the current market, and some of the different uses of Eurocards.


Learn more about the various designs, workings and features of electronic breadboards and breadboard kits currently available.

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