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    Automated Air Blowers

    Here at RS, we offer a wide range of high-performance Automated Air Blowers. Spanning across multiple technologies our range of high-quality Automated Air Blowers include market-leading suppliers and manufacturers. Our extensive list of suppliers includes the likes of Festo, Meech and of course our own brand RS Pro.

    What are Automated Air Blowers?

    Here at RS we categorise a group of similar products to create our impressive range of Pneumatic Air products, usually ejecting compressed air this wide range of air devices will quite literally blow you away.

    • Air Amplifiers - Air amplifiers are devices which use a small amount of compressed air to generate a larger flow of air.
    • Air Knives - Air knives are devices which use air to blow dust, dirt and water off of a surface. They act in a similar way to an Air Curtain but for a more specific area.
    • Cabinet Coolers - Cabinet coolers use clean compressed air to control the temperature within cabinets containing electrical components and to keep them cool and clean.
    • Cold Air Guns - Cold air guns provide a cold air source and are designed to improve dry machining operations by reducing heat build-up.
    • High Thrust Jets - High thrust jets are designed to generate a high-powered blast of air and are used in several pneumatics applications.
    • Vortex Tubes - Pneumatic vortex tubes, also known as Ranque-Hilsch vortex tubes, are used in electronics and machining industries to provide inexpensive cool air to electronic equipment, such as electrical cabinets, and for cooling machining and other equipment.