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    Air Knives

    Air knives are devices which use air to blow dust, dirt and water off of a surface. They act in a similar way to an Air Curtain but for a more specific area. Air knives are primarily used on conveyor belts in manufacturing applications for drying products or to remove unwanted objects.

    Air knives use a plenum chamber to distribute pressurised air across a wider area. The housing is usually a strip of metal containing holes which produces an even distribution of the compressed air. The air knife usually remains still and fixed to a single position while another part moves, for example a conveyor belt.

    There are different lengths of air knife available, from 80mm to 900mm. So you will be sure to find an air knife system suitable for your application. The airknife housing is usually made from stainless steel or lightweight aluminium.

    Why use an air knife?

    Air knives can perform a variety of tasks using a flow of pressurised air. They can be used to:

    • Remove dust
    • Remove liquids
    • Remove smaller, unwanted objects
    • Dry surfaces
    • Cool surfaces
    • Manage liquid thickness
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