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    Hydraulic Instrumentation & Switches

    Our range of hydraulic instrumentation and switches covers many applications and includes diagnostic testers and monitors, pressure kits, flow meters and indicators, sensors and alarms, level and temperature gauges, and test point modules.

    Providing trusted hydraulic instrument manufacturers such as Parker, WIKA, Elesa-Clayton, SMC, Norgren, Hydrotechnik, and Stauff.

    What applications are different types of hydraulic instruments used for?

    • Diagnostic Testers and Monitors for hydraulic systems are in-line sensors for measuring and reporting key values within fluid or oil-based hydraulic systems, such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, and in some cases fluid quality.
    • Digital hydraulic pressure switches are sensors used to track/display fluid pressure levels; they respond to variances in pressure by opening/closing electrical contacts once a certain threshold is reached. They’re often used as automatic feedback and supervisory devices in pressurised fluid systems like hydraulic machine tools, pumps or compressors.
    • Hydraulic circulation sights are installed inline as important maintenance tools in hydraulic fluid systems, giving operators a quick and easy way to perform a manual visual check on fluid/oil levels.
    • Hydraulic column level indicators perform a similar role in a different format, and can often include temperature gauge functions as well.
    • Hydraulic pressure sensors, indicators and displays convert pressure measurements into an analog electrical output signal for easy reference as part of a system monitoring, maintenance and quality assurance setup. Hydraulic pressure sensors are often referred to as transducers, as they read pressure changes as a shift in resistance on their internal electrical circuits, which in turn adjusts the output voltage.
    • Hydraulic test points are leak-proof sealed connecting devices used to monitor and control static and peak system fluid pressure in low- or high-pressure loops. They can be installed inline or connected via hydraulic test point hose, and usually, allow for the venting of air and contamination sampling as part of their role.

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