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    Shock Absorbers

    Shock absorbers are devices used to stop a moving load smoothly and slowly. Shock absorbers can be hydraulic or pneumatic and are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. RS offer a range of high-quality pneumatic shock absorbers, absorber stop collars and mounting equipment from leading brands such as Festo, SMC and ACE.

    How does a shock absorber work?

    Shock absorbers are self-contained devices that use compressed air or oil under pressure to provide a soft cushion or damping effect. The compressed air or pressurised oil is forced through a series of internal valves which restrict the flow. They convert kinetic energy of a load which is then dissipated to atmosphere.

    Applications for a shock absorber

    Shock absorbers are used in a wide range of applications. They are used where energy absorption is needed. Typical applications include

    • Suspension systems
    • Automation control
    • Robots
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
    • Vibration control
    • Dispensing and vending machines
    • Pumps and motors
    • Linear actuators

    Shock absorber types

    Shock absorbers can be adjustable or self-compensating. Adjustable types have a manual adjustable dial which enables you to adjust the device to suit the load. Self compensating types typically use hydraulic oil which is forced through small orifices as the piston retracts.

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