Soldering Fume Extractors

Use solder fume extractors for protection from hazardous dust and fumes generated from soldering applications. Here at RS we have a range of solder fumes extractors and kits such as desktop smoke absorbers to larger fume extraction units for professional applications.

No matter what design option you choose we guarantee high quality and high protection for your personnel from inhaling hazardous dust and fumes. Our range include leading brand such as Antex Electronics, CIF, Weller, Metcal, Purex and RS PRO.

Types of solder fume extractors

  • Desktop solder smoke absorbers
  • Solder smoke extractor units
  • Fan fume extractors

Which should you choose?

Desktop fume extractors are typically electric and should be used always during soldering. They are lightweight units that can be placed in the desired position to vacuum fumes through activated carbon filtration.

Large solder smoke extractor units are designed for industrial applications. These units are incorporated in a workbench solution with adjustable fume funnels that can be position where they are required. Offers excellent filtration and exceptionally long service life.

What are the benefits?

  • Protection from extremely harmful solder fumes
  • Ideal solution for ensuring breathable quality air during soldering
  • Healthy individuals and the environment
  • Easy to maintain filters


Use fume extractors in any application where smoke or hazardous vapor is a problem, the appropriate extraction units should be used in;

  • Industrial soldering
  • Tip soldering & de-soldering
  • Rework

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Description Price Model Number Pre Filter Type Filter Type Main Filter Type Noise Level Voltage Rating Wattage ESD Safe Weight Plug Type Remote Control Depth Height Width
RS Stock No. 764-5723
TVT2 F7 96% @ 2 microns HEPA H13 H14 99.997% @ 0.3 microns 48dB(A) - - No 3kg - No 150mm 170mm 170mm
RS Stock No. 712-6017
Mfr. Part No.FA-400 Aus/NZ
- - Main Filter - - 230V 22W - 930g Type I - Australian plug - 113mm 212mm 166mm
RS Stock No. 719-2109
Mfr. Part No.FA-430 Aus/NZ
- - Main Filter - 53dB - 120W - 7.5kg Type I - Australian plug - 343mm 366mm 330mm
RS Stock No. 162-4468
Mfr. Part No.WFE-P
-, WFE-P F7 40 to 50% @ 100 microns Fine Dust Filter F7 Fine Dust Filter F7 45dB(A) 230V ac 70W - 4kg - - 140mm 295mm 140mm
RS Stock No. 162-4467
Mfr. Part No.MG100S
MG100S - - H13 99.95% 48dB(A) 240V 100W Yes - - Yes 210mm 610mm 460mm
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Compact filter consists of an H13 HEPA filter ...
Compact filter consists of an H13 HEPA filter and a wide band gas filter. Wide band gas filter is 50% active carbon and 50% ChmisorbH13 HEPA particulate filter removes 99.95% of particles up to 0.5 micrometers.
Two station dynamic fume extraction system. Main filter ...
Two station dynamic fume extraction system. Main filter has a HEPA efficiency of >99.5% plus activated carbon to remove additional gases.
Powerful low noise units that need no external ...
Powerful low noise units that need no external ducting or compressor.Rated at 85WPowerful 85m³/hr airflow rate. Bi -coloured LED indicates when filters require replacing.
Weller WFE Funnel soldering fume extraction arm kit ...
Weller WFE Funnel soldering fume extraction arm kit is compatible with the WFE 2S and WFE 2ES fume extraction units. The fume extraction arm is fitted with an ALFA funnel-shaped fume extraction nozzle complete with an Easy Click 60 connection ...