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    WPANs (wireless personal area network) are devices that provide wireless connectivity for a personal network system essentially creating a small and private wireless network

    What is a WPAN?

    Similar to Bluetooth connectivity in nature, A WPAN is a system that allows for devices that interconnect in an individual's personal workspace to have a wireless network. A WPAN can be utilised in technology that allows for wireless connectivity within 10 meters.

    WPANs are a technology that can also be used to interconnect all communication devices found on a personal desk by creating a private network.

    What is the difference between WPAN and WLAN?

    WPANs are designed to network devices and transfer information of a short distance in a private wireless network whereas WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is used to transfer information over wider distances in environments such as homes, office buildings and schools.

    Where are WPANs used?

    WPANs are widely used in an array of applications such as;

    • Mobile Phones
    • Smart Watches
    • Laptops
    • Tablet devices
    • Printers
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