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    Limit Switch Actuators & Operating Heads

    Limit switch accessories are the components of and parts that are used alongside limit switches, devices which form part of the control system for the movement of machinery. Limit switch accessories can be used to replace key parts of the device or adapt and improve the function of limit switches.

    Common types of limit switch actuators include levers, arms, and rods, which physically interact with a machine's moving parts. They trigger the limit switch when a predetermined position is reached, signalling the control system to stop, start, or change the direction of movement. By precisely controlling the activation of limit switches, these operating heads help ensure the safe and efficient operation of machinery in various industrial settings.

    How Do Limit Switches Work?

    Limit switches are composed of a set of contacts and an actuator that are mechanically linked. When a machine part comes into contact with the device, the switch acts to make or break the circuit connection. In this way, they detect the movement of machinery, which can be useful for counting objects travelling past a specific point or detecting an object's position.

    Types of Limit Switch Accessories

    There are a wide range of limit switch accessories available, but some common types include:


    Contacts are the electrical components within a limit switch that make or break the circuit when the actuator is triggered. They are available in various configurations to suit different applications, ensuring reliable operation and longevity of your limit switch.


    Limit switch levers are mechanical extensions that physically interact with a machine's moving parts. They come in various lengths, styles, and materials to suit different travel distances, actuation forces, and operating environments, providing flexibility in limit switch applications.


    Limit switch rods are similar to levers but offer a more linear actuation path. They are often used in applications where precise positioning and repeatability are required, making them ideal for applications that demand accurate control over machine movement.

    Benefits of Using Limit Switch Accessories

    Using limit switch accessories can help enhance the performance and longevity of your industrial machinery:

    • Customisation: Limit switch actuators, such as levers, arms, and rods, come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. This allows you to tailor the limit switch actuation to your specific application requirements, optimising machine control and precision.
    • Enhanced Functionality: Accessories like limit switch heads can modify the sensing range or actuation force of your limit switch, enabling it to better suit your specific process needs. This can lead to improved efficiency and accuracy in machine operation.
    • Extended Lifespan: Replacing worn-out or damaged limit switch components with new accessories can significantly extend the lifespan of the entire switch assembly. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring your machinery continues to operate reliably.
    • Cost-Effective Solutions: Instead of replacing an entire limit switch, using accessories for repairs or modifications often proves more cost-effective. This can be particularly beneficial for complex or specialised limit switch configurations.
    • Improved Safety: Properly functioning limit switches with appropriate actuators are crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel working around machinery. By maintaining and customising your limit switches with accessories, you enhance workplace safety.

    Applications of Limit Switch Accessories

    Limit switch accessories play a vital role in various industrial applications, enhancing the functionality, safety, and efficiency of machinery and processes. Their versatility allows for customisation and adaptation to specific operational requirements.

    Some key applications and corresponding accessories include:

    • Machinery Control: Limit switch actuators, such as levers, arms, and rods, precisely control the movement of machinery by triggering limit switches at predetermined positions. This ensures accurate stopping, starting, and directional changes in automated processes.
    • Automation Systems: In automated production lines and assembly processes, various limit switch accessories, including limit switch heads and contact blocks, are essential for controlling the flow of materials and components. They detect the presence or absence of objects, ensuring smooth and synchronised operation of various machines and robots.
    • Safety Systems: A wide array of limit switch accessories, such as rotary levers, roller levers, and whistler heads, are often integrated into safety systems to prevent overtravel, collisions, and other hazardous situations. They act as safeguards, triggering alarms or emergency stops when machinery reaches unsafe limits.
    • Positioning and Measurement: Specific types of limit switch actuators, like plunger actuators and adjustable rod levers, can be used to accurately measure distances, positions, and travel limits of moving parts in machinery. This information is crucial for quality control, calibration, and maintenance purposes.
    • Packaging and Material Handling: In packaging and material handling applications, limit switch accessories such as fork lever actuators and cat whisker actuators are used to control conveyor belts, sorters, and other equipment, ensuring precise positioning and movement of packages and products.

    How to Order Limit Switch Actuator & Accessories from RS?

    RS New Zealand is a trusted supplier and distributor of limit switch accessories such as actuators, heads, levers, arms and rods. Order from leading brands like Eaton, Honeywell, Siemens, and more. To place an order online, browse our extensive catalogue and select your preferred products based on accessory type and the switch you are using.

    Delivery Information for New Zealand

    RS Group offers fast delivery of limit switch accessories. For more details on delivery services and fees, please refer to our Delivery Page.

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