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    Source Meters

    Source meters are also known as source meter units and source measure units (SMU) and provide you with precision current and voltage sourcing and measurement. There are various source meters SMU available with a wealth of features available from our industry-leading suppliers including Keithley and Keysight Technologies. A source meter (SMU) is easier for low resistance measurement with high current plus a source meter can save you time and money as you do not require other instruments and are space-saving so ideal where space is a premium.

    What is a Source Measure Unit / Source Meter (SMU)?

    We have established that a Source Meter Unit (SMU) is a tool that can measure and source voltage or current. A source meter has all the features you will find with a (DMM) Digital Multimeter all in one inclusive and compact including power supply, current source, electronic load and pulse generator.

    As a source meter (SMU) combines all the features within a (DMM) digital multimeter. The source meter is a versatile measurement instrument and a more accurate measurement instrument with wider applications than a standard semiconductor.

    Source Meter (SMU) Functions?

    • Current (precision) measurement (true current measurement).
    • Current voltage source.
    • Pulser.
    • Resistance.

    The source meter outputs a voltage and measures the current flow just like a benchtop power supply but is more accurate with precision measurement.

    Our available ranges of Source Meter provide you with a choice of available channels, for example, the Keithley range offers 1 to 4 channels including various output power options.

    Source Meter (SMU) Measurement Options Available.

    • Source voltage range from 20 mV to 1000 V.
    • Source current ranges from 1 μA (nA).
    • Output power from 20 W to 1000 W.
    • Measurement from 1 Ω.
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