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    Linear Scales

    Linear scales are used to obtain an accurate measurement of distance, mass and volume. A wide variety of measuring ranges are available.

    Linear scales offer

    • Sturdy construction
    • High resistance to vibration
    • Protection rating is similar in both upright and reclining position
    • Linear scales are highly resistant to environmental disturbances. Electromagnetic induction principle means scales are unaffected by contamination. Suitable for milling machines, drilling machines, XY tables etc.

    Features include

    • Enhanced vibration-resistance and durability
    • The innovative rubber lips keep out contaminants when you are using the scale in a machine shop
    • An armoured signal cable is used to connect the scale unit to the DRO counter, so you can operate it safely even in hostile environments
    • The signal cable outlet can be positioned on either side of the slider so you can connect the signal cable from either direction

    The Linear Scale System has superior ease-of-use and is reliable, both of which are features that can dramatically improve machining accuracy and efficiency.

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