Fluke ii900 & ii910 Acoustic Imaging Cameras

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Quickly find compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks– the invisible energy thief. The first industrial acoustic camera turns sound waves into real-time images, to accurately pinpoint leaks at a glance.

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Leaks in compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems hurt both production uptime and the operations bottom line. While most manufacturers know that these types of leaks exist, it has been too time-consuming and tedious to address them until now.
With the Fluke ii900 or ii910 and minimal training, your maintenance technicians can begin checking for leaks during their typical maintenance routine—even during peak operation hours.

The ii900 series acoustic imagers let technicians see sound as they scan hoses, fittings, and connections for leaks. Its built-in acoustic array of tiny sensitive microphones generates a spectrum of decibel levels per frequency. Based on this output, an algorithm calculates a sound image, known as SoundMap™ that is superimposed on a visual image. The SoundMap is automatically adapted depending on the frequency level selected so that background noise is filtered out, making it incredibly simple to detect compressed gas leaks.

Finally, a better way to detect compressed air, gas, steam, and vacuum leaks. Plus, the ii910 provides increased sensitivity to detect leaks that are smaller or farther away.

Best for PD Detection

The ii910 can detect electrical partial discharge (PD)—a serious issue on insulators, transformers, switch gears, and high-voltage powerlines.

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Best for compressed air leak detection

Available to buy via custom orders only - The ii900 has a straightforward, intuitive interface that allows technicians to isolate the sound frequency of the leak to filter out loud background noise.

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Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

The Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager offers an easy way to detect, locate and analyse partial discharge all in one tool! Finally a PD detector that is easy to use with minimal training, portable and rugged enough to carry around as part of your standard maintenance routine. Do it fast, do it safe, and prevent downtime before it occurs.

Fluke ii900 Industrial Imager | Key Differences

The world’s first acoustic imager that revolutionised leak detection. Fluke believe that there is always a better way of doing things. Fluke’s ii900 Industrial Sonic Imager simplifies the way you locate compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks through SoundSight™ technology – letting you visually see leak locations up to 70 metres away on a 7”LCD touchscreen.

Its easily adjustable 2k Hz – 52 Hz wide frequency range ensures different types of application leaks can be detected. Check out our video to learn more about Fluke’s ii900 features and benefi

Customer Case Studies
Locating leaks in brake systems

Case Study: Railways maintenance

Read how the ii900 helped detect and localize leaksin brake systems.

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Detect and visualize leaks in a tire manufacturing process

Case Study: Tire Manufacturing

Read how theii900 helped reduce downtime by detecting the problems inadvance.

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ii900 Acoustic Imager in Health Care

Case Study: Health Care

Read how the ii900 locates gas and airleaks in medical facilities which is critical to patient careand facility efficiency.

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Useful Articles & Resources
hidden profits

How to detect leaks AND find hidden profits

Many compressed air, gas and vacuum systems are compromised by wear and poor maintenance practices, which contribute to the greatest waste of all—the ever-present leaks. These leaks can be hidden behind machines, at connection points, overhead in fixed pipes, or in cracked pipes or worn hoses. The waste adds up quickly and can even lead to downtime.

Avoid unplanned downtime, eliminate safety risks, and make significant energy cost savings for your company with the Fluke ii900.

Partial discharge testing made easy

Partial discharge emits sound in the ultrasonic frequency range. With a high-sensitivity acoustic imaging camera, such as the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager, you can detect and precisely locate partial discharge.

The ii910 overlays a map of the sound on top of a visible image which makes locating the source simple.

hidden profits
hidden profits

14 ways hidden air leaks wreak havoc on equipment

Beyond performance issues and reduced energy efficiency, the damage caused by unnoticed gas or compressed air leaks can be substantial.

Read about some of the top issues that can be averted with the Fluke ii900 Acoustic Imager, which will help you find these sneaky leaks so you can repair them before they cause costly downtime.