HDMI Splitters

HDMI connectors are an extremely versatile high definition A/V connector, and are fast replacing more traditional connection systems. As such, HDMI splitters are increasingly important in cable and HDMI device management.

RS Components features high quality HDMI splitters from leading brands. There are premium versions with gold-plated contacts available to suit professional audio visual applications.


  • Domestic. Video splitters are commonly used in high-resolution home entertainment set-ups. Multiple peripherals such as games consoles, Blu-ray players or cable television receivers can be connected to one HDTV television. A splitter allows many HDMI devices to be connected to one input or output, even if there are insufficient HDMI ports. The splitter also ensures that you don;t have to frequently plug and unplug HDMI cables, which can prevent wear and tear. A splitter equipped with a selector can also be used to switch between devices that are connected to to the splitter, which is useful if a television has insufficient HDMI inputs, or simply as a neater cable management solution.
  • Office and Home Office. PC and home computer setups increasingly employ multiple monitors. This has advantages when working with large spreadsheets, or video and audio editing software. As HDMI becomes a popular standard in A/V displays, many computer monitors now have an HDMI output, and as such a two-way HDMI splitter may be the best way to run twin monitors to a PC.
  • Commercial. HDMI splitters can also have commercial applications, such as when HD video information needs to be displayed across several different monitors, from a single video source. HDMI matrix's can be used as part of a video public address system, for instance, displaying a rolling safety information presentation at different points around a leisure complex. HDMI Matrix's can also be used for live entertainment and in film and television studios, for instance in displaying video feeds of a live stage show in large arenas.

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Description Price Device Type Number of Ports Number of Video Inputs Number of Video Outputs Maximum Resolution Dimensions Audio Connection Type Weight Depth Height Width Video Connection Type
RS Stock No. 123-8120
Mfr. Part No.ST124HD4K
Splitter 4 1 4 3840 x 2160 139 x 84 x 14mm HDMI 277g 84mm 14mm 139mm HDMI
RS Stock No. 197-5503
Mfr. Part No.HD2A
- 4 - - 1920 x 1080 - - - - - - HDMI
RS Stock No. 123-8119
Mfr. Part No.ST122HD4K
Splitter 2 1 2 3840 x 2160 100 x 60 x 14mm HDMI 176g 60mm 14mm 100mm HDMI
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