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    Camera Tripods

    Tripod is a device designed to provide a stable and safe support to camera equipment. Using a tripod ensure sharp images and correct exposure even in a low-light situation and when a long exposure time is required. Tripod is an essential part of every photographer's bag.

    How does a tripod work?

    The camera tripod is usually made of 2 elements. A three-leg tripod base and a ball head. The ball head features a camera mounting plate and a ball-shaped mechanism that allows for camera movement while legs keep the whole system at the desired height and in a correct position.

    How to choose the right tripod?

    You need to consider several points before making a final decision. They are:

    • Maximum height - Think about the way you are going to be using your tripod. Compact tripods are ideal as a portable equipment for carrying around but are not always height enough to achieve desired effects.
    • Maximum load - Consider the type of equipment you are going to be using with the tripod. Professional DSLR cameras and telephoto lenses can be very heavy. They need a sturdy and safe support. Lightweight, aluminium tripods are ideal for compact cameras. Combination of both options is fibre-glass or carbon made tripods. Very sturdy and lightweight but very pricey.
    • Quick-release mounting plate - It is a very important feature when it comes to using a tripod on the go. Quickly mounting and dismounting is a very comfortable solution.
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