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    Wall Boxes

    A wall box is a secure enclosure that is mounted onto a wall. Also known as wall-mounted enclosures, these storage boxes are primarily used to house various components or equipment. Many models sold in New Zealand feature a door or lid for easy access and some wall mounted enclosures are lockable for security. When working with limited spaces, these storage boxes help maximise efficiency by housing potentially hazardous items while protecting them from environmental hazards like moisture and dust.

    Key Features of Wall Boxes

    Most wall-mounted boxes are also made from strong and durable materials like stainless steel, ABS, or thermoplastic. This enables them to withstand high impacts and offer a high level of security, preventing accidental or unauthorised tampering or removal. With a wide range of IP ratings, the enclosures are also suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

    The wall boxes offered by RS New Zealand are available in a variety of sizes, materials and wall mount types, ensuring there is a wall-mounted enclosure, accessory and storage solution to suit your needs. RS offer a range of good suppliers such as Rittal, Schneider and Hammond amongst many others, There is also a good variety of IP Rated wall boxes.

    What Wall Mounted Accessories

    Some of the wall mounted accessories available include:

    • Mounting plates
    • Hinges
    • Mounting brackets
    • Mounting bosses
    • Mounting kits
    • DIN rails
    • Sealing plugs
    • Lock types providing quick and easy wall mount installation
    • Boxes can also be used as lockable secure storage.

    Benefits of Wall Boxes

    Given their durability and versatility, wall-mounted boxes can meet various needs. Listed below are some of the common ways residential or commercial users in New Zealand benefit from storage containers.


    Electrical enclosures are frequently used to secure access to delicate or potentially dangerous electrical systems such as fuse boxes of power inlets. When it is important to keep electrical systems free from environmental factors such as moisture, for safety and functionally, high IP rated wall boxes are used normally with suitable locks.

    General Purpose

    General purpose wall boxes are often used for secure outdoor or indoor storage. Many of these wall-mounted boxes are lockable, providing storage for important or potentially hazardous items. With stainless steel, steel, polyester, plastic, ABS, thermoplastic, aluminium or other metal versions available, the sturdy construction of these wall boxes ensures a high level of security with and without a lock.

    Marine Environments

    Wall boxes built for marine environments are available with IP67 rating, which is among the highest. These wall mounted enclosures are available in material that ensures protection in hose down environments. Some storage bins for marine applications may even come with seals for the base and lid or door and are lockable.

    Visibility Needs

    Wall mounted enclosures also come in ranges with transparent doors. Although this may lower the impact resilience of the box, it allows you to view the contents within the storage box.

    How to Order Lockable Wall Boxes in NZ from RS?

    Whether you're looking for a small or large wall-mounted storage box, RS New Zealand has a variety of options to meet your needs. Our extensive selection includes products from trusted brands like Fibox, Siemens, and our exclusive RS PRO line, ensuring you find the ideal solution at competitive prices.

    Shop lockable wall boxes today and add on other essentials, such as DC converters, to unlock free delivery when you meet the qualifying threshold.

    Delivery Information for New Zealand

    For next working day delivery of items stocked locally in New Zealand, please place your order before 5 pm NZT. For next working day delivery of items stocked locally in Australia, please place your order before 3 pm NZT.

    RS endeavours to deliver your wall boxes and other products the next working day between 8 am and 5 pm local time. However, please note a longer lead time can be expected for the following items:

    • Global Stock and Extended Range products.
    • Orders containing hazardous products.
    • Items weighing over 20kg, or with a cubic weight over 20kg, or a length exceeding 1.5 metres.

    Non-core products and deliveries to specific regional areas may also have extended lead times. For more information or to arrange a consolidated delivery, please contact the Customer Service.

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