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    Diamond Pastes

    Diamond paste is a water-based polishing compound that is used for polishing the surfaces of many types of materials including stone, metal, ceramic, gemstones and glass. The paste consists of microscopic diamond particles (diamonds being the hardest natural material around) that act as an abrasive to scrub, smooth and polish surfaces. A diamond paste can also be used to clean surfaces, as, due to its consistency it can get into small grooves to remove dirt. Diamond paste is supplied in tubes or dispensing syringes for accurate dispensing.

    Benefits of Using Diamond Paste

    Easier to use than sandpaper or polishing tools Can polish surfaces of all shapes and sizes Fine consistency smooth away smallest of scratches Fluid consistency leaves smooth and even finish Works rapidly on all surfaces Suitable for use on delicate surfaces for scratch-free results Consistent, repeatable polishing results

    Types of Diamond Paste

    • Monocrystalline Diamond Paste - This is the most common type of diamond paste and contains particles that have a long, flat shape and fewer cutting edges. Monocrystalline diamond paste is ideal for use on flat and even surfaces with fewer edges
    • Polycrystalline Diamond PasteThe particles in this paste has sharper angles and are more jagged in shape making polycrystalline diamond Paste suitable for polishing more challenging surfaces

    Diamond Paste Grit is graded by grit size from coarse to fine. The grit is measured in microns as follows: Diamond grit with 25 microns to 90 microns is the coarsest and is used for removing and cleaning residue from the surface. Diamond grit with 6 microns to 24 microns is suitable for smoothing and repolishing Diamond grit with 0.25 microns to 3 microns is the finest paste and is used for the final polishing and shining

    For easy identification of this different grit sizes diamond paste is colour coded. Colour coding also helps prevent cross-contamination on polishing surfaces.

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