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    Polishing Bobs

    Polishing bobs are finishing accessories used for polishing and buffing a wide range of materials to create either a shiny or a smooth surface. The bobs are made from compressed sheep's wool (felt).

    The density of the felt is usually categorised as soft, medium or hard. The top end (bob) is attached to a ground shank usually made of stainless steel.

    What are polishing bobs used for?

    Polishing bobs are used for both polishing (removing surface compounds) and buffing (producing a high lustre or mirror finish). Polishing bobs can be used on metal, wood, plastic or glass. They are used to polish hard to reach areas with awkward angles and shapes.

    Bobs may be used on their own or with an added polishing liquid, wax or finishing lubricant. These bobs work with rotary handpieces, or electric drill and grinder applications. Polishing bobs are ideal for use in processes where a super-finish is required, for example in the manufacture of jewellery, metal appliances and glass ornaments.

    Types of polishing bobs

    Polishing bobs come in numerous shapes and sizes, but the most common shapes are conical, cylindrical, ball nose and flame forms.

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