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    Lead Screw Nuts

    Nuts are used in lead screws when multiple parts need to be attached, nuts can also act as a fastener to help hold the screw in place securely.

    There are different types and sizes of lead screw nuts depending on the purpose they're being used for and size and shape of the screw. The nuts are commonly made out of materials such as steel, stainless steel and resin including hard waring polymers. The pro's for using a resin-based nut is that you may not have to use a lubricant or any oiling for the product whereas a stainless steel nut will be highly corrosion resistant.

    Lead Screw Nut Types

    • Round Flanged Screw Nut
    • Straight Screw Nut
    • Cylindrical Screw Nut
    • Anti-Backlash Screw Nut
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