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    Power Tools

    RS stock a wide range of corded and cordless power tools. Cordless power tools use rechargeable batteries so can be used anywhere, without having to work near an electrical outlet. Theya are also safer to use as they do not have a trailling cord to get snagged or accidental cut.

    Advantages of cordless power tools:

    • Convenient – They can move with you and are ideal for quick fixes and hard-to-reach places. Plus, with an extra battery always charging, they're never without power.
    • Extra features – many cordless tools are produced with a variety of features, such as multiple speeds.
    • Multiple uses for the battery – a huge benefit of modern cordless tools is that the same battery can be used in other tools.

    The batteries for cordless tools come in different sizes, ranging from as low as 6 volts all the way up to 36 volts. The lower the voltage, the less powerful the tool, as this determines how much power the battery can deliver. For light-duty tasks, a tool between 7 and 15 volts is suitable, for medium-duty tasks look for anything between 12 and 18 volts, whereas for heavy-duty work look for tools which range between 18 and 36 volts.

    Advantages of corded power tools:

    • Size, weight and handling – corded tools don't require heavy batteries, which means they're often lighter and smaller than cordless ones. For this reason, most professionals take a corded counterpart with them to jobs, in case they need to get into a restricted spot where a bulkier cordless tool can't fit.
    • Constant power – an advantage to corded tools is they're linked to a continuous electricity supply, so they never run out of power.
    • Torque – corded tools offer high levels of torque thanks to a constant flow of electricity, so there aren't limitations in terms of voltage.

    Where power tools are typically used?

    Huge Range of popular power tools include drills, angle grinders, planers, screwdrivers, impact drivers, nail guns, sanders, saws, jigsaws, polishers, heat guns rotary tools and multi-tools, which are all used for a number of different applications such as drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating. Power Tools are used across all industries.